Dean of the postgraduate institute for accounting studies participates in the 3rd scientific conference of University of Anbar


Assist. Prof. Dr. Salem Awad Hadi, dean of the postgraduate institute for financial and accounting studies participated in the 3rd scientific conference of the college of administration and economics held and sponsored by the University of Anbar under the slogan (Good governance and sustainable development are the pillars of the economic evolution). The researchers addressed matters related to the role of accounting in sustainable development and the recent trends in the development of local and international accounting model in light of environmental changes and accounting disclosure and their relationship with the good governance. The objective of this event is to diagnose the economic and administrative problems and the challenges faced by our country at all levels in order to demonstrate the importance of good governance in the fight against corruption as well as to identify the best strategies to address the economic, financial and administrative crises in comparison with other global experiences in this regard in addition to highlighting the role of environment and its various changes in overall development while demonstrating the role of accounting in economic and administrative development to improve the reality of the government performance at various State institutions.