Symposium on the role of private sector in meeting the market needs for medicine at the center for market research


Center for market research and consumer protection at University of Baghdad held a scientific symposium on the role of the private sector in meeting the needs of the Iraqi market for medicine in the presence of the university Rector Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasool and the director of the center Prof. Dr. Yahya Kamal Khalil as well as a number of researchers in the field of pharmaceutical medicine from various State ministries. The Rector stressed the importance of the role of the private sector in providing the Iraqi markets with useable medicines suited to the Iraqi people’ needs through focusing on the role of supervision, quality and appropriate prices. Prof. Dr. Yahya Kamal also stressed on the significance of the pharmaceutical policy of governmental and private institutions, the role of health control of medicines and provision of the best services by the public sector. It is noteworthy that this event aimed to diagnose the reality of medical and pharmaceutical service in Iraq and the constraints faced by those involved in this sector and the necessity of evaluating this service appropriately.


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