Workshop on supporting students and academics at the rehabilitation and employment division


Rehabilitation and Employment Division at University of Baghdad, in collaboration with the Communications and Media Commission (CMC) held a workshop to support students and academics in Iraq to open up horizons of participation in periodic competitions within RIPE NCC and DOM 2025 initiatives. It is noteworthy that this is a strategic initiative targeted towards the development of communications and information technology sector and the economic growth in Iraq and which incorporates a number of objectives consistent with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. The workshop aims to identify the critical role of IT sector since it is an influential factor for empowering society and economy in addition to developing a supportive environment, supporting the sources of investment, promoting digital economy and social transformation, adopting the principle of transparency in employment, providing employment opportunities for young people and promoting their skills, developing the intellectual capacity, empowerment of people with special needs and rural people to provide them with a high level of services through creating a unique partnership between private and government entities in order to enhance the position of Iraq in this field regionally and internationally.