May, 2012

Latest News of University of Baghdad
May, 2012

The Modern Electronic Vision

  The university has made the great development and the huge achievements made in the development of the websites of the University, occasionally the University reviews the space and administration of the websites and examining them. The President of the University from time to time makes many field visits to the websites of the university, its colleges, institutes and scientific centers. The latest of these follow-ups, visits and frequent meetings, is the comprehensive meeting of Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Mousawi, president of the university with the members and representatives of the websites of all of the University, which have become more than sixty websites. Mr. Abdul Karim Mounir Manager of the Office of the President of the University ,who offers great services to the official website of the University through his continuous follow-ups and facilities of the workers at the website to overcome the obstacles, accompanied Dr. Musa al-Mousawi.The President of the University has received the Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulbasit Salman, editor of the website and Mr. Basim Hamid the manager of the website, with a complete attendance of all the officials of the websites at the university. The president of the University stressed during the meeting the investment of the website according to the renewed modern perspective and explained the role that the website achieved concerning the development of the administrative and scientific work at the university, focusing on activating the work through the presentation of important activities of students and instructors , especially the university has a large number of creative students and competent instructors ; he also focused on finding a link shared between the university and students and professors, to be more objective and more vital through the website , its pages and its supplements , praising the efforts made by officials at all the websites stressing that the ambition of the university can not and will not stop at a certain extent, because sciences are continuously evolving and progressing, and there must be a high electronic vision in the intellectual march that comes with the advanced international rode.

The President of the University listened to some of the opinions and ideas of the officials of the websites and the suffering of some officials in the administrative reality which needs some modification, to eliminate administrative routine and destroy it completely. Dr. Musa instructed some of the directions and orders about that promising to eliminate any routine that may deter the progress and development of the university. He also referred to the need of adopting websites as a developed establishment for the colleges, institutes and centers.

  Mr.Basim Hamid manager of the website submitted a summary of important data and indicators of the websites of all the colleges, adding more details and assessments of the websites, through his paper during the meeting, stressing that the university is moving very quickly , and it is not allowed to give any chance to stop or running in at some point, focusing on the efforts that were made, were satisfactory but at the same time do not represent the ambition planned by the university president, to be internationally advanced ,the University of Baghdad, not locally or regionally only. Then the editor of the website, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulbasit Salman, through his participation to present the meeting, explained that the University has made great stages, and has achieved further progress and radical change in the electronic system for websites, and was by the efforts and the blessing of all employees at the university, and there are sacrifices have made access to these ranks,through following up , accuracy and faithfulness of work, where the university president , website manager and manager of the Office of the President of the University with the website staff are working more often outside official working hours, in order to develop the website. Given that many of the comments received to the website stating that the university has achieved a reputation contrary to what some media have made misleading or gloss over the progress and development that occurs in educational institutions of Iraq, or even in social life. The editor of websites explained the need to do more, to achieve a large amount of services to students and professors, including the distribution of data that both the student and professor need, as soon as possible, such as publishing test marks or tables of term or final exam or the central instructions and directions, in addition to courses, curricula and classes, which represent the pride of the achievements of Iraq’s progress and prosperity.

 At the end of the meeting, the President of the University thanked all the attendants and took photographs to document this important meeting; the website team documented this meeting with a set of photographs.

An Immortal Day at the university of Baghdad

  The day of the University of Baghdad has its special taste and luster because it enjoys the unique flavour in the educational process in Iraq as a whole or at the University of Baghdad, so the university held its annual celebration with a major public participation at the corridors and halls, laboratories, museums and the giant Library of the University of Baghdad to mark the anniversary of the fifty-fifth of its establishment which formed a large carnival the joy and decorations, Iraqi and university flags are raised. The president of the university Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al- Musawi, Prof.Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, scientific Assistant, Prof Dr. Baha Tuma Jiyad Administrative Assistant, and deans of colleges and institutes, faculty members in Iraqi universities and university students attended the celebration.

  The university witnessed the opening of an exhibition of books and scientific productions held at the Central Library including a large number of books and new publications in various disciplines and a description of the products of scientific faculties, institutes and centers and the various departments at the university varied among devices , laboratory and scientific equipments , publications ,handicrafts, artistic and documentary films, etc. The celebrations also included the opening of the flower Festival which the Division of ornamental in the Department of office Affairs held it, where types of flowers and ornamental plants were displayed and another exhibition of the carpentry contained the products of art mimicking the university, besides the opening of the exhibition of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the dormitories in the compounds across all the capital and which have earned the admiration of the audience.

  The audio-visual media focused on this great celebration and worked on covering and broadcasting to the public via satellite, Internet, newspapers and other media, the website team of the University of Baghdad has documented the celebration with a set of commemorative photos.

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