Faculty Member of Electrical Engineering Department participated in (CLEO) Conference in the USA

Faculty Member of Electrical Engineering Department participated in (CLEO) Conference in the USA

  emitter using perfect absorber made of metallic disk on SiO2″.

  This conference is one of the most important conferences in the United States, which supported by many high level associations such as IEEE, OSA and APS.

  More than 4000 researchers from worldwide have participated in this conference, the conference is characterized by attending a distinguished scientists who are specialized in nanotechnology and laser devices. Dr. Mohammed presented his work in the first day of conference and the attendees were impressed with his presentation especially the chairman of the meeting and he said “I’m very happy and proud to see a speaker from Iraq to give an excellent presentation, as we know the situations in Iraq it make us difficult to believe someone from this country participates in such conference.”

  The researcher said he got two important things in the conference. The first is patriotic; he raised the name of Iraq in this big scientific forum. The second is personal; he got more knowledge in the many important subjects such as optical communication, Plasmonics, Nano devices…etc. that can help to improve his scientific ability, knowledge and performance in the research area and this can also contribute in the development of our country. He emphasized necessity of financial support from Baghdad University to the faculty members to participate in this kind of conference, which has a direct effect on his/her ability to develop his/her scientific knowledge.

  Dr. Mohammed received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Baghdad University in 2004 and he ranked the first in his class and he received his M.Sc. in Electronics and Communication fro Baghdad University in 2006. He received his Ph.D. in Nano Science and Technology with degree of excellence from Taiwan in 2011. He published 16 papers in scientific journals and conferences.

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