Lecturer from University of Baghdad presents a research at the conference of humanities in France


Assistant lecturer Raghad Fahmy from the department of the department of English language at the college of education for women, University of Baghdad participated in the 16th conference of humanities held at Sorbonne University in Paris with a research entitled (Use of electronic devices and their impact on the students of the English language department). The researcher stated that students can renew and improve their language skills through the use of technology which generates an important incentive for human interaction and cultural exchange. The results of the study revealed that most female students always use technology to raise the level of writing, speaking, reading, listening, and that they enjoy the use of technology in English language learning, and they see that social networks and computer programs have an effective effect in improving their English language while others are think that applications such as YouTube, Skype and MP3 players have been instrumental in improving speaking and listening skills.


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