College of Engineering meets the international oil company Schlumberger

College of Engineering meets the international oil company Schlumberger

  The Dean of College of Engineering , Prof. Dr. Qasim Mohammad DOS, met with representatives from Schlumberger oil Co. The meeting was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Maha Raouf Abdul Amir, head of petroleum engineering department and assistant professor Dr. Akram Wahbi Ezzat from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Dean welcomed the representatives of the company and explained to them that college is ready to continue cooperation with Schlumberger, which began several years ago when they trained top students from the Department of Petroleum Engineering in Syria, Egypt, and Basra. They, also provided the laboratory of the software of the department of petroleum engineering with the latest software from the company. In return, the college provided all the supplies for the company to examine and recruit the college graduates.

He went on to say that we have now reached a stage where we need to walk in lines of greater cooperation and stronger than previous years and all this can be documented in a Memorandum of Understanding.

  Dr. Qasim suggested that the company may support the laboratories of petroleum engineering department and to help him to get the accreditation of the department and this will require financial support and we hope that Schlumberger might cover part of it . And also to increase cooperation in the field of summer training for all college students and as suggested by Head of Petroleum Engineering that they give training opportunities for the academic staff on software and on Schlumbergers’ laboratory, and to providet extra copies of software to strengthen laboratory software for preliminary and upper studies and confirmed that the combination of these programs will be useful for more than a department in the college.

  The representative of Schlumberger thanked the Dean for the hospitality and expressed his company’s desire for closer cooperation and confirmed that the company would like to invite to the College to visit the laboratories and the company sites to see the possibilities of the company and what it can offer to the College . He also put forward the possibility of the presence of experts from the company to give lectures in college and also said that the company is grateful for the support provided by the Faculty of Engineering, and especially during the past year and praised the level of college graduates and the Department of petroleum Engineering specifically for the level of distinguished scientific and prompted the company to be careful always to provide job opportunities for graduates of the College of Engineering at the University of Baghdad.

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