Baghdad University Council resolutions – 3rd session (2017)

Baghdad University Council resolutions – 3rd session (2017)


Third session


Directives of His Excellency the minister at the 7th meeting of the Opinion Commission held in 20/10/2016:


1. Strategy of education:

His Excellency the minister of highr education and scientific research directed to reread the strategy of education and to form committees to activate its paragraphs by the universities.


2. Project for citizens’ credit for small and medium-sized enterprises:

His Excellency the minister addressed the Prime Minister’s initiative on the Youth Credit project for small and medium-sized enterprises since the ministry had raised a slogan for supporting the national economy in the field of agricultural projects and he addressed also the workshop held in April past in coordination with the director of the Industrial Bank to facilitate the distribution of credits for the young people.


3. Article (25) of the federal budget:

His Excellency the minister asserted the importance of article (25) of the federal budget to strengthen State and university resources and that these resources invested in establishment of some unfinished buildings as (80%) incentive for workers until amendment of Higher Education Fund.


4. Open-door policy:

His Excellency the minister called presidents of universities, deans and heads of departments for adoption of open-door policy to meet students directly.

5. Cultural and non-classroom activities:

His Excellency the minister stressed the importance of cultural and non-classroom activities, such as sports activities, poetic festivals and others that support psychological and intellectual rehabilitation of students who have suffered from the terrorist organization of ISIS.


6. Jamming devices in exam centers:

Some of exam centers not operate jamming devices were monitored and it is confirmed to do this during the exam period.


7. Using mobile phones inside exam halls:

His Excellency the minister stressed that professors should not be allowed to use mobile phones in exam halls like students.


8. Correction of examination books:

His Excellency the minister stressed that correction of examination books should be within the organization not outside the university.


9. Scientific Promotion’ transactions:

The need to make haste in the completion of scientific promotion’ transactions for professors within a specified time.


10. Dormitories:

His Excellency the minister stressed that some negative cases had been monitored in some dormitories such as smoking, as well as the need to prevent the use of smart phones with a camera especially inside dormitories for women.


11. Non-teaching in private universities:

His Excellency the minister stressed that university professors were forbidden to teach in private universities so that to make room for others for having their chance except for rare specialties.


12. Role of Parliamentary Higher Education Committee:

His Excellency the minister stressed the role of Parliamentary Higher Education Committee in supporting recent decisions as well as the role of university presidents in standing against the claims of some students that may lead to the decline of higher education in Iraq.


13. Expansion of admission seats in postgraduate studies:

His Excellency the minister stressed commitment with the ministry’s decisions regarding the expansion of study seats.


Decisions of the opinion body at the seventh meeting held in 20/10/2016:


1. Rapid completion of scientific promotion’ transactions:

Rectors of universities should follow up the completion of scientific promotion’ transactions at their universities and to be included in the proceedings of University Council.


2. Article (25) of the federal budget:

The schedule prepared by the financial department has been forwarded to the legal department for preparation of controls in accordance with this article.


3. Ministry’s priorities and policies:

Deputy Minister for administrative affairs is charged with forming a committee of specialists to develop a scheduled plan for the implementation of these policies.


4. Staff participation allowances in student club:


• 2000 dinars are taken for special grades and 1000 dinars for other grades.

• The secretariat of the Council of Ministers will be approached to obtain approval in this regard.


5. Scientific Sobriety Exam:

A committee of members of opinion body is formed to evaluate the scientific sobriety exam.


6. Study fees in private colleges:

Obligation of private colleges and universities not to increase study fees for students at each grade.


7. Introduction of evening studies:

Approval of introduction of evening study at the department of electrical engineering /Faculty of engineering/University of Kirkuk.


Directives of president of the council:


1. Directing the deans at all university formations to attend the meetings of the department councils to follow up their work.

2. For the purpose of expediting completion of the scientific promotion’ transactions, the external evaluator is addressed first via e-mail for approval of research assessment and then sending researches.

3. Directing head of studies and planning department to follow up the university’s strategy over the next 10 years as well as the strategy of each college.

4. Directing the dean of the faculty of agriculture to provide all facilities for university students to plant trees starting with the first-stage students.

5. Directing the deans at all university formations to follow-up postgraduate students and to warn those absent.

6. A patent is submitted as a research to be published in discreet journals for purpose of scientific promotions.

7. Directing the councils of all university formations that in the case of abolition of penalty for their members, the recommendations of the concerned committee during its 20th meeting held in 27/6/2016 should be taken into consideration.

8. Attention to books transmitted by Citizens ‘ Affairs Unit/Office of University President as soon as possible.

9. Audit of the term of membership in advisory offices and submission of names of new members if membership is completed and preparation of proceedings of periodic meetings to be approved by University presidency.


Scientific Promotions:

The council considered a note by the Committee for Central Scientific Promotion No.169 at 26/10/2016 regarding its recommendations during the 9th held in 17/5/2016, on the promotion of the teaching staff listed below to professorship after completing the requirements of the scientific promotion in terms of authenticity in their research and the duration of university service:






Date of promotion


Dr. Shaima Abdul Baqi Ibrahim

Faculty of education for humanities – In Rushd

English language teaching methods



Dr. Sadoon Hmoud Jtheer

Faculty of administration and economics

Business management



Dr. Farooq Nawaf Sarhan

Faculty of fine arts

plastic arts/porcelain



Mohemmed Chalob Jaber

Faculty of fine arts

plastic arts/painting



Dr. Ahmed Hashim Abdul Karim

Faculty of fine arts

Plastic arts/pottery





1. Approve the promotion of the teaching staff mentioned above to professorship according to the respective dates after completing the requirements for promotion in terms of authenticity in their research and the duration of the university service.

2. Congratulating the above-mentioned teaching staff for promotion to professorship.

3. Send a letter of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Sadoon Dr. Sadoon Hmoud Jtheer for presenting five papers marked with authenticity.


Criteria for accreditation of international and Arab journals:


The council considered a note by the Scientific Affairs department, No.1063 in 25/10/2016, for accreditation of international and Arab journals for various purposes (scientific promotions, publication of research) as follows:


First: The criteria to be available in these journals for adoption:

a. Specialized.

b. Issued regularly.

c. The year of issuance is at least four years.

d. Institutional (or a publishing house).

f. Citation program is used.

h. The journal should have copyrights.

Second: The criteria to be scrutinized and taken into account after the availability of paragraph (i):

a. The country.

b. Within questionable sites.

c. The period from receipt of the research to publication.

d. Editorial board.

f. Advisory body.

g. Affiliation of researchers.

Third: The opinion of the scientific committee.



Approval of the criteria for accreditation of international and Arab journals for various purposes (scientific promotions, publication of research) mentioned in I, II and III.

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