Baghdad University Council resolutions – 14th session (2016)

Baghdad University Council resolutions – 14th session (2016)


Fourteenth session


1. Directing the committee of scientific promotions to complete their work as soon as possible in the period of six months in the case of transactions that contain non-resident enrichment research, scientific research and residents send completed for submission to the council of the University.

2. Directing the committee of scientific promotions to follow-uo the work of the committees in all formations and sub upgrades installed instances of delay its redeployment in the completion of transactions and providing reading reluctant commissions for the purpose of restructuring.

3. Emphasis on adoption research and research address checking in the Department or branch and College Council authentication before publishing in scientific journals established contexts with emphasis on choosing titles for research in proportion and content search.

4. Emphasis on return back the transactions to directives and decisions of the university council formations as the action is discreet and raise the level of scientific research upgrades.

5. Emphasize on the importance of publishing a scientific research promotion of humanitarian disciplines sober journal publishing research for scientific disciplines in foreign scientific journal solemn and inform researchers abroad on research professors at the University.

6. Direct the employees in all profiles to be logical and objective exam questions fit scientific level of students and scientific material given, so that the test results indicate the extent of the student’s understanding of scientific material.

7. Lay the foundations and the database in accordance with scientific and administrative structure for the development of the University and continued its March toward greater scientific sedate University and scientific excellence through equitable distribution of teaching staffs in all profiles.

8. Direct the deans in all formations to invest plans and modern structure prepared by the Department of studies and planning at the university presidency in order to develop the university.

9. Stress on granting study holidays according to the actual need for specialization within the university.


Scientific promotions:
The council considered the central committee of scientific promotions notes in whole numbered (5, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44) dated 10/1, 3, 6, 9, 14/3/2016, containing the recommendations of the Scientific Committee of the University’s central promotions taken its fifth and sixth sessions 27/10 and 10/11/2015, on upgrading the lecturers selves listed below to the professorship, completing the scientific upgrade requirements in terms of originality in their research and University Service, as well as the issues previously And offered to the University Council meetings (6th at 7/12/2015) and (10 in 18/1/2016 (f) eleventh session 1/2/2016 (f) twelfth session 22/2/2016) as follows:






Date of promotion


Dr. Siham Kamil Mohammed

Market research and consumer protection Center




Dr. Shafiq Shaker Shafiq

Faculty of science

Nuclear physics



Dr. Asawer Abdul hussain Abdul Sada

Faculty of education for women




Dr. Ghazali Yelda Hormuz

Faculty of science




Dr. Adel Mishan Rabe’

Faculty of science

Biology/ environment and pollution



Dr. Asmaa Hamid Kambash

Faculty of physical education and sport science

physical education



Dr. Abdullah Sabar Abboud

Faculty of arts




Dr. Bashaer Mohammed Saeed

Faculty of education for pure sciences – Ibn Al-Haitham




Dr. Sabah Kassim Khalaf

Faculty of physical education and sport science

physical education



Dr. Hussein Ali Kazim

Faculty of fine arts

Performing arts/theatrical directing





1. Approve the upgrade selves listed above to professorship, effective dates installed about name them all for completing upgrade requirements in terms of originality in their research and service life of the University on any financial implications before the adoption of this campus.

2. Congratulating those listed above for receiving the title of professorship.

3. Grant a book of acknowledgments for both (Dr. Asmaa Hamid Kambash)/college of physical education and sports science for women and (Dr. Bashaer Mohammed Saeed)/college of education for pure sciences-Ibn al-Haitham (Dr. Sabah Kassim Khalaf)/college of physical education and sports science.

4. Committee of scientific promotions at the university should submit the name of (Dr. Asmaa Hamid Kambash)/college of physical education and sports science for girls and (Dr. Bashaer Mohammed Saeed)/college of education for pure sciences-Ibn al-Haitham and (Dr. Sabah Kassim Khalaf), faculty of physical education and sports science to the media and public relations department at the university, for the purpose of publication and highlight promotions in university publications after submitting five researches.


Scientific and administrative development of the university
Assistant Prof. Dr. Fadel Abd Risan/dean of the college of science gave a presentation on the analytical study of faculty needs until 2020 from advanced and scientific staffing during diagnosis need exact terms you need scientific departments and units and laboratories in the Faculty of statistical science through student number of scientific departments (outside and inside Iraq), and it filed a plan study leaves for the year 2016/2017 turning into major problems and constraints and the need for disciplines, after discussing the topic the Council reached the following decision:



1. Work on investing these specializations to cover the evening staff at the faculty of science at University of Baghdad for four stages.

2. Inauguration of (Division of specialized laboratories for postgraduate studies) to invest the youth and to develop research work for the postgraduate studies (research and technically).

3. Establishing technological incubators for applied research under contracts or the need of labor market.

4. Investment of these energies to develop contracts and private laboratories established now in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

5. The study included monitoring the number of seats for instructors who would retire until 2020.

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