Baghdad University Council resolutions – 4th session

Baghdad University Council resolutions – 4th session


Fourth session


Directives of the president of the council: 


I: Commitment of students and lecturers to study hours.

II: Celebrations and events in the post University formations slate daily to maintain lectures for frequent holidays except conferences, symposia and workshops that date installed.

III: Submitting proposals by all profiles that contribute to help the State overcome that country’s financial crisis and submitted to the Ministry by the University Council.

IV: Evaluating the scientific book which is used for promotions in the field of jurisdiction and prove in the Department or section and the Faculty Council that book within jurisdiction as controls.

V: Deans should provide CVs and biographies of external experts.

VI: President Assistant for Scientific Affairs should be commissioned to assess research units and quality of research produced in terms of being applied and serving the business market.

The council then proceeded to the consideration of the issues on its agenda and to take appropriate decisions, including:


Powers of University council 



The council considered a note by the Central Committee of scientific promotions at its sessions, No. 115 and 134 and 135 of 17/9 to 20/10/2015 Scientific Committee’s recommendation, contained in the omnibus promotions taken by its twenty-first and twenty-second, twenty-third and twenty-fourth in the 2, 9, 16 and 23/6/2015, on upgrading the lecturers selves listed below to the professorship, completing the scientific upgrade requirements in terms of originality in their research and University Service And they are:





Date of promotion


Dr. Sahar Hamdan Abdul Ghafoor

Faculty of dentistry

Oral Medicine



Dr. Jamal Nuri Ahmed

Faculty of dentistry

Oral Medicine



Dr. Intisar Hadi Hamidi

Faculty of agriculture

Field crops



Dr. Mustafa Munir Ismail

Faculty of administration and economics

Business management



Dr. Ahlam Khalil Mohammed

Faculty of Islamic sciences

Arabic language/morphology



Dr. Wijdan Fadhil Mohammed

Faculty of medicine

Physical medicine



Dr. Hatem Raheem Wasmi

Faculty of engineering

Mechanical engineering



Thiaa Jaafar Nasser


Faculty of dentistry




After discussion, the council adopted this resolution:




1. Approve the upgrade of those listed in the table above to professorship according to effective dates mentioned about name them all for completing upgrade requirements in terms of originality in their research and service life of the University on any financial implications before the adoption of this campus.

2. Promotions committee at the University would submit the name of (d. Wijdan Fadel Muhammad)/Medical School to the department of information and public relations at the University, for the purpose of publication and highlight the upgraded versions of the University for submission (five) research was distinguished by originality and precise jurisdiction. 

3. Congratulating those listed above for receiving the title of professorship.


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