The Great Engineering Revolution was Launched from the University of Baghdad

The Great Engineering Revolution was Launched from the University of Baghdad

   Work is continuing day and night in the college of Engineering to meet the demands of Iraqi society, parallel to that is an exceptional effort to reconstruct facilities, buildings and laboratories of the college, which has suffered severe neglect and years of war, siege and occupation; multiple processes rooms to develop and reconstruct everything and world-class consulting offices for planning and implementation of huge projects.


   With all these achievements and ambitious projects the humility and tolerance in this prestigious college can be seen, which is established in 1922 and one of the oldest colleges of the Middle East and Arab world, this vision is embodied in a meeting with its Dean Prof. Dr. Qassim Doss, who is modest when he welcomes and greets us in his office which we found a chamber of engineering operations for various projects After that, Dr. Qassim Doss took us in a tour in the corridors of the college to see the approach of the study and its nature with the beginning of the academic year , to discover that there is a unique model to be followed with the other prestigious global colleges, so the commitment of the students and their attendance is rare compared with other colleges, the uniforms and typical halls , filled laboratories, water coolers and air conditioning for the studying halls, to feel again as if we were in a new civilization deserves to call it Mesopotamia of the new Iraqi Engineering.




   The fact that the tasks I received in the College Deanship motivated me to achieve what I’ve drawn a few years ago better and faster while I was in the position of Associate Dean, where I sought, and for years to draw plans that our college will occupy the rankings it deserve with the other sober colleges of the world, because I am quite sure that our creative abilities are no less important than sober science colleges. In cooperation with the former dean, Dr. Rafi’ Al-Suhayli who worked also on the development of the college and shares with my support for the implementation of ideas that I’ve drawn in its reconstruction, and thank God the ideas are crystallized and transferred into reality through a set of measures we have taken to achieve an abundance of reforms , and perhaps the most important of these reforms is what has been achieved in standard time and for the first time in the history of engineering is to repair lab station “stability of power system” and work again after it has been stopped working for twenty-six years. In this year students have used the lab for training and application efficiently, as well as we are proud that we were able to re-repair “synchronization” station during the production of electric power, which has been delayed for decades, and we also repair and operate the laboratories of “microwaves” and “protections” , we also provide students with special equipments for the practical application, we have imported 25 a “GC” and from one of the best World origins to serve the Department of chemical environment, as well as we have provided “fan VG meter ” devices and identical devices which are dedicated to measure the fluid in the Department of oil, based on the training of students to the drilling of oil and gas wells.




   Not to mention the rehabilitation of all the classrooms, educational equipments, and to develop central air conditioning and lighting to all classrooms in order to let the student enjoys an ideal atmosphere of the study, student, and we moved to the sports and sports stadiums and equipments as well as the development and rehabilitation a special drawing room , with an auditorium for art in order to let the student enjoy a typical atmosphere spurred innovation and creative human thought, and the fact is that what we are pleased with is that the student has moved to a new status that he calls the college to provide laboratory equipments in order to learn and train, The Dean states that from here our determination to put the scientific disciplines and projects for the sake of society, where we have introduced some of the departments and scientific disciplines, and we have integrated some of them to be appropriate with the needs of the society, for example, the situation during the economic blockade has seen a very large setbacks in the reality of education, including the Aeronautical Engineering , after the fall of the regime and as a result of the urgent need of the Iraqi Civil Aviation, we have introduced a branch of Aviation in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as is the case with the Department of energy, where an increase in the need for renewable energy led us to turn the Department of nuclear Energy to the Department of Energy engineering , and we prepared all the laboratory equipments of the Department to graduate generations who meet the requirements of the society, and the case is also with the Department of oil Engineering that has a growing demand after the ministry of oil approached us that it needs oil specializations after the development of oil reality and expansion of the work in the fields of oil and gas, which led us to open broad prospects in the Department of oil Engineering. Our college is following -up the requirements of the market and community service. We have designed and implemented hundreds of engineering projects with major government institutions to serve the community, and we have more huge -projects, our advisory offices implement them for the Ministry of Construction and Housing and for the province of Baghdad and the Ministry of Municipalities, and we have a huge amount of completed projects that are appreciated by the citizens or Iraqi society, The majority of scientific research carried out by researchers in our college but are in several areas, the most important is for the community service, and in line with the tremendous scientific advances in the world to keep up with the latest updates and new technologies.




   As to the levels of students and graduates from the college of Engineering, Dr. Qassim Doss states that graduates of our college are still in the leading position compared with their peers in the Middle East or the Arab world, and the proof is that international companies asked to interview graduates of many universities in engineering and to test them. The results were that our students were the best among graduates of most engineering colleges and universities, which indicates that the graduate has the skills and creativity of engineering, thanks to the keenness of professors at the college and the university’s keenness to facilitate all the possibilities for successful graduating. The graduates of our college also have attained important positions in the Fulbright Program, where our college got three seats of ten spread over Iraq in general, and this is an important indicator of the level of our advanced college, and we have plans to train students and graduates to complete their postgraduate studies, where we have a comprehensive review of the requirements of the age and the actual need and have taken the alignment decision and the need of the community according to scientific disciplines, where we move a thousand miles step to get reliability “ABET” and made an exceptional effort to verify the achievements in terms of scientific reference and accurate statistics for the number of faculty and top scientific ranks , and took the decision to reduce the doctoral studies and the expansion of master’s studies, to complete a PhD in Iraq or elsewhere, and that to pay our attention to graduate students, and in this respect also we have a huge campaign for the organization of graduates’ files and displayed them on the website for old years, after stores of the files and binders have been frayed, where we have restored and developed the store fully and installed systems of air conditioning and lighting with modern furnishings, then we have programmed all the documents on the computer programmes for safekeeping and refer to them easily, in “Digital” ways in that it is now possible for graduates from previous years to refer to the websites and follow up what they need , and in fact we have a significant campaign for the development of the website in order to be the first , and thank God the evaluation of our college won the first on the University of Baghdad, after the efforts and constant follow-up of faculty and staff at the site; we used the most efficient teachers in this field to develop the site including instructors :Ammar Abdul Hassan ,Muhammad Faleh and Muhammad Mohi and Mrs. Farah Emad, where we thoroughly review the site and make workshops for the website, realizing that the website but the interface of the college and its reputation, especially in the midst of enormous electronic revolution, We are now working to encourage professors to develop their scientific researches through training in sober scientific universities, where we sent numbers of faculty and students to Britain, America and Canada for training and development and we are now working to develop their research and publish them in the best and most prestigious international journals, that we have the best professors in the Middle East and Arab world who published their researches in world wide-reaching “Impact factor” journals.




   We now plan to reconstruct the city of Baghdad fully, where we divided the capital into eight sectors, and have distributed projects to last year students to be under the supervision of professors, experts and top-notch engineers, with the division of our experts, each according to his competence to all projects to develop a picture of Modernism of a huge city with a historical civilization, now the work is continuing, where we achieved many of the projects and we also have a lot of work to get done, and have agreements for the preparation of computer programmes with the Department of Computer Engineering, to design special programmes for the Office of the elections, where we have designed many models for the programmes that run on elections statistics, and these programs are under full control with Iraqi experience 100%, after the Commission has brought foreign expertise from outside Iraq for these programmes.



   I would like to state that the works we do are endless and we are about to accomplish big tasks that were given in the past to foreign companies.Japan has witnessed for our experience and offered many invitations to participate with us.




   After the meeting we went to the galleries of the students at the college to find a large amount of projects prepared for implementation, as if they are new capital projects.