31 August

August 2015

                                                                                          The University consoles the departure of a great figure  – architect of Baghdad, Mohammed Makkiya The death of the architect of Baghdad, Dr. Mohammed Saleh Makkiya The University consoles  …

29 August

Baghdad University is an army to meet the call of Al-Marjiiya

The call of Al-Marjiiya has formed a major challenge for all the sons of the homeland among them are the faithful and the builders. As usual, uiversity of Baghdad being part of the society has met the call of the good Marjiiya Imam Ayatollah Ali Al- Sistani and according

07 August

Our university is in the first rank by Webometrics

For the third consecutive year, our university has taken the first rank over all other Iraqi universities in the global Webometrics ranking of world universities” issued by Spain, with the participation of 25,000 universities that compete for advanced ranks, and the university has received more congratulations and blessings